Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Apparently there is this meme going around, where bloggers let their audiences know what they read, when they get "down to buisness". It all started with a certain Lissa, of which until today I have never heard of. She started sharing the reading material she has lying around in her bathroom and then tagged other people to follow suit. Kinda weird, but I'll bite. It would seem the trend caught on and now even I got tagged by InsomniacMedic.
So here it goes.

I've never been a big fan of reading on the toilet. There was a time when I prolonged the stay on the porcelain throne to enjoy a good read, but in the flat I've now been living in for the past five years the bathroom is just to narrow an uncomfortable to actually relax and stay for a while. Nowadays I tend to do my number two and get out of there as soon as I can. Also my legs tend to fall asleep and that is something I'd rather not have.

I've always found it fascinating how people, men in particular, take their time and enjoy the peace of their own WC and read while doing their thing. Some friends of mine will spend up to an hour in there. Yes, some even take their laptops in there and thanks to WiFi surf the web or catch up on emails. Talk about efficiency... I never quite got the hang of that concept and I'm quite happy with getting out of there rather quickly.

On occasion, when I do decide to read little, I will thumb through a copy of "RETTUNGSDIENST" (lit. "EMS" in German), a German EMS publication. There are a handfull lying around within arms reach. The only thing I do on a regular basis is play with my mobile phone. Check twitter and facebook, look for apps on the Android Market Place, write the occasional text message or email. That's about it. I do not, however, blog from the bathroom, just in case you are wondering...

Something I will always do when I'm at home, however, is smoking. I know, I know.... ewwwww. Maybe it's because it masks the smell, maybe... well, to be honest, I don't know exactly why. I just enjoy to light up a fag when I'm on the dumpster. Don't judge me!

When I'm at work however I will regularly (and by regularly I mean every now and then, not 4 times a shift...) disappear with a news paper or some sort of catalogue in my hand. Whatever I can grab will do. That way my 15 minutes get me up to speed on current events, news and/or product offers. I always found this rather odd, because I know a lot of my colleagues can't relax when they're at work, for fear of the impending doom of the next alarm. Some even choose not to go number two at all while they're at work. Doesn't bother me though... strangely enough.

So yeah, I got a little carried away and now you more than you ever wanted to know about me. But you had to ask didn't you?

I shall tag the only one that apparently reads my blog and hasn't been tagged so far:

The MICT Student

Your move!

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  1. How much has it to do with the size of the Tagesklo by the front door of every German house (though, I grant you, not the appartments)? There's barely enough room for oneself in them never mind a daily newspaper. And are all local papers like the Erlanger Nachrichten - comes in several separate sections? That complicates reading in the smallest room too.