Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bad Luck comes in...

....threes, usually. This time it got one-upped.

Some strange stroke of fate lead to four unrelated ALS patients within a 100 yard radius. It all started when patient A called EMS for shortness of breath from a park bench across the road from a grocery store.

An ambulance and emergency physician unit responded, when at the same time a clerk at said grocery store called EMS for a co-worker who was having grand-mal seizures in the managers office - patient B.

Another ambulance and EPU responded and before they arrived one of the neighbors from around the corner called EMS for chest pain - patient C. And yet another ambulance and EPU responded to that block.

The crew for patient B arrived on scene to find a man down having seizures in front of the grocery store. Thinking they had found their patient, they radioed it in and started treating.

Hold on a second, I thought staring at the screen of my dispatch system. Did they say in front of the store? I asked them to make sure there was no other patient inside the store, just to be on the safe side. And I'll be damned, not ten seconds later they called for another unit for patient B, who had, until then, been seizing away merrily.

So another ambulance sped to, what by now must have looked like, the grounds of an mass casualty incident.

Karma? Fate? Destiny? Who am I to tell?
Strange and unusual? You bet!


  1. Wow. Glad to read you had enough units floating around for such a scene!

    EPU...sounds funny in english :-)

  2. Guess those four people had reason to be thankful there were sufficient units to respond so timeously.

  3. EPU does sound a little funny come to think of it. I had to make up something in English.
    I think I better stick with PRV, physician response vehicle. :)